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3500 South Bristol Street #101, Santa Ana, California 92704

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  • May, 01, 2018
    Rocio Martinez
    This has been one of the best dental experiences I've ever had.
    I was very picky looking for a dentist I can trust, and his/her quality of work, knowledge, patience,... etc. at a reasonable prices.
    Dr. Hakim did 2 dental implant crowns and a large filling for me this month and I am so pleased with his care, patience and precision. The last implant was amazing as it was a difficult one and he went out of the way to insure it was perfect. He is not a routine or production dentist, he takes the special care you can only hope for with most dentists. I could not give a higher recommendation if you are looking for exception care.
    I also had my teeth cleaned last month and Sandra, along with the entirely team specially April,…always so kind and have to say it was more thorough than ANY i have had before.

    Finally, I can confidently say Dr. Hakim is the one. He is very kind, explains his work, possible outcomes, answers every single question of mine (and I got plenty), often times stays longer hours to finish his work precisely. He is very calm and dedicated and will just not give up till the job gets done precisely. He is an artist and perfectionist by nature. Sometimes, I was stuck in 'that' chair for hours, but thanks to Dr. Hakim my confidence is getting back. I am smiling again.
    His office is very nice and clean. Finding a spot to park your car close to the office, sometimes can be challenging due to other businesses in the plaza.
    Office personnel is very friendly, communication is easy.
    Thank you Soooooo Much!! South Coast Dental Team
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